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Art Nouveau
"La Belle Dame"

Thank you to the Polyvore artists who sometimes manage to explain my inspirations perfectly!

Inspired by the dramatic whiplash shapes of the Art Nouveau artistic movement, this is the ultimate in flattering styles. The Pre-Raphaelite artist Burne-Jones is acknowledged as the progenitor of the new movement in the 1880's. Art Nouveau was an elegant, decorative style, characterized by sinuous, flowing lines. Burne-Jones heroines (and those of Klimt, Mucha and Tiffany, as shown below) are often depicted in clinging gowns, falling into heavy folds at the ground. The gown shown follows the natural shape viewed from the front, flaring into a dramatic train behind. Even with this volume of fabric the bride will not be "overpowered" or need to worry about managing the train - it falls from a position just below hip level and will flow on its own while walking, automatically falling into sumptuous folds when the bride pauses.

Endless combinations of colours and fabric types can be used for this patchwork effect design. These can include antique and modern textiles, vintage or personalised embroideries, ribbon, lace and buttons. It is an ideal style in which to incorporate elements of a mother's wedding gown or veil, a broken piece of jewellery with special associations - any colours or items of special meaning to the couple... The shape looks stunning all in one colour but with a variety of contrasting textures. The gown can be constructed with an internal "corset" to provide support (as in the version shown), or as a soft shape without boning. It can have a small shoulder or be strapless and is priced accordingly.


From £2200 - £3500 including fabrics. Price varies according to fabrics and trimmings used, inner corset (or not) and size of train. This will be arranged at the consultation.

Yvonne chose a stunning selection of fabrics for her wedding dress in shades of red, gold and green. These included silk dupions - embroidered and plain - crushed velvet, metallic organza and trimmings of antique lace.

The hidden inner corset can be seen on the left. This is fully boned, providing subtle structure and support within a streamlined gown.

This design can be varied and individualised
to each made-to-measure order.

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