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    corset dress long sleeves full skirt

"Cosette ... dreamed of a happiness without limit clothed in satin and velvet."
(Victor Hugo)

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All designs can be varied in colour and details.

Antique lace eau de nil wedding dress with lilac velvet flowers



Pre-Raphaelite style purple/green silk corset and matching silk skirt



Alternative style corseted wedding gown in silk dupion with ruched organza skirt, embellished with silk flowers, antique beadwork, lace and butterflies.





Gold Embellished
Red/Blue Silk


The pale silver silk boned corset bodice with bustle skirt is laced at the back and features shoulder drapes, ornamented with crystals and pearl drops.

"Silver Athenae"


Lara's stunning Celtic looks meant that she could have chosen virtually any design from any period.  She decided on a strapless version of the Lily bodice combined with the original draped and bustle-backed skirt. The resulting effect was totally 21st century with the glamour of a late Victorian bustle gown. It was the client's inspiration to decorate the gold/black silk dupion corset bodice with semi-precious stones. These included rock quartz, amber, citrine and a few interspersed Swarovski crystals.



Anna's initial approach to me was to ask if it was possible to have a wedding gown made like a tutu. With my background, I guess this was always inevitable! 
She had been inspired by an Odette tutu I worked on for London Festival ballet nearly 20 years ago! The original Swan Queen costume was decorated with representative 'feathers' of appliquéd fabrics on the bodice and the tutu skirt, and was highlighted with beads, sequins and crystals.
Wedding gown



The central panel of the corset bodice is pleated to emphasise the variable blue/ pink light effects. The entire neckline and armhole area is beaded in a variety of toning crystals, pearls, and faceted glass stones, all in shades of blue, pink purple and lilac. Constantly, some part of the gown will attract the light - from the focus of beading at the waist and neckline to the clusters of crystals, pearls and sequins which support the swags of organza on the skirt.

The Jewel Collection


Liz's Wedding
"Turquoise" 2012


"Belle Dame"
(Scroll Down for Red/Gold Version)


"Seashore" Corset


Which leads us to the colour: is it Turquoise, Peacock Blue (or Peacock Green?), is it Teal or Kingfisher? The shade suits fair,dark and red-headed, olive skinned and freckled in all different tones from the most pale eau-de-nil to the richest jewel tones (see montage below). Turquoise is a shade which contrasts beautifully with gold (mainly deep tones) or silver (mid and palest tones). The softest shades are complemented by the palest pinks and deepest burgundies.

The Jewel Collection


This classic glamorous gown with strapless boned bodice is embellished with gold lace, crystal drops and beading.  It has an unashamedly romantic full skirt and is laced at the back to emphasize the waist.  Made-to-measure in literally hundreds of colour and fabric variations. Shown above in a shot green/blue shade.

"Flower of Scotland"


corseted blue coloured wedding dress with cropped shrug bolero jacket

"Athenae"/ "Turquoise"
Corseted Dress
with Bolero Jacket


A beautiful gold/ green shot silk corseted dress.

"Antique Jade"
("Lucetta" variation)


A stunning corseted bodice shown in lilac with silver lace, pink and blue pearls and velvet flowers. Swarovski crystals highlight the encrusted decoration and a beaded butterfly detail is shown on one shoulder. 
The skirt of multi-layered organza hangs in handkerchief points over tulle underskirts scattered with diamanté. 
(N.B. Bodice available with various skirt shapes - please enquire). Take time to view the 'Classical tutu' section on the menu bar if this style of bodice shape and decoration is to your taste).



The wedding gown was actually a three-piece outfit of drape-fronted skirt (with train), boned corset bodice and cropped jacket. The boned bodice was enhanced with scattered bugle beads in

"Highland Lily"


victorian style silk taffeta corset bodice and draped silk skirt





A strapless, figure-hugging corseted bodice with a draped apron fronted skirt was designed in 'Cloud Pink' Regal dupion: a very rich fabric, close in texture to taffeta. 
 The appearance of the dress varied in relation to the Italian light and stunning architecture - from a rich sheen to a more sculptural outline - but always form flattering.





"Belle Dame"
Blue/Ivory Variation


Art Nouveau was an elegant, decorative style, characterized by sinuous, flowing lines. Burne-Jones heroines (and those of Klimt, Mucha and Tiffany,) are often depicted in clinging gowns, falling into heavy folds at the ground. The gown shown follows the natural shape viewed from the front, flaring into a dramatic train behind.

"La Belle Dame"
Original Sample


An elegant strapless corseted bodice with asymmetric encrusted decoration combining guipure and chantilly lace. 
Inspired by period costume, the cartridge-pleated skirt provides a unique eye-catching detail. 
Can be constructed in virtually any colour and from a huge range of fabrics. Shown above in a violet/gold shot silk dupion. Brides usually choose from my vast collection of laces - antique and modern - trims and beadwork possibilities held here at the studio, resulting in a very individualised one-off gown, based on the 'Lucetta' shape.

(Original Sample)


This classic glamorous gown with strapless boned bodice is embellished with gold lace, crystal drops and beading.  It has an unashamedly romantic full skirt and is laced at the back to emphasize the waist.  Made-to-measure in literally hundreds of colour and fabric variations. Shown above in a shot green/blue shade.




Butterflies and


A highly embellished bridal corset in embroidered silk dupion, elaborately decorated with flowers and beadwork.

& "Posy"





Gill Harris had a clear idea of the colour palette she wished to use for her wedding party: a pale aqua or eau de nil shade contrasted with subtle shades of pink and plum; together with a design brief for a gown with an antique feel which might have been uncovered from an attic room - subtly faded and slightly torn. 
The basis for this became an ethereal eighteenth century style boned corset in silk taffeta, together with a matching fishtail shaped skirt, both draped in hand dyed silk tulle.



I have always loved the combination of a sumptuous hooded cloak over a tightly boned bodice with abundant skirts.  Although the cape and corset combination is a typically eighteenth century fashion, with 'Venetia' the bodice is cut to shape 21st century curves, whist still reflecting classic rococo styles with its ornate decoration.



Art Nouveau inspired motifs on white wedding dress

"Art Nouveau"


The Jewel Collection: Lapis-Lazuli


Pearl's Wedding



C18th Flavour


Pre-Raphaelite style purple/gold brocade corset and gold silk skirt

The William Morris


The monochrome glamour of Black and White Erskine tartan was always irresistible. If it is used as the basis for a black and white themed wedding, the possibilities are endless. Guests in black-tie dress will guarantee a sophisticated look to photos; bridesmaids in Little Black Dresses will always be happy! A black and white wedding gown is a marvellous foil for a bouquet of deep red roses. This could be reflected in reception decorations...



"Traditional Ivory"


Peacock Theme


Past Work
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Ready-to-wear variations of the made-to-measure designs are occasionally available. Photographer credits are on individual client's pages or we can provide details. Please contact

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Notes From The Designer

This collection of alternative, contemporary and historically influenced wedding dresses, is inspired by my training in period and theatrical costume for film and television, ballet and opera. The fantasy elements are inevitably from my love of the ballet world and ballet costume."Titania's Muse" (see above) is a classic example of this. An eighteenth century style of corset, draped in ripped silk tulle, it is adorned with butterflies and dragonflies, antique lace, velvet flower embroidery, beads and crystals, and is combined with a victorian crinoline, worn to be seen on the outside of the design.

"Violetta" developed from the realisation that a classic tutu bodice always looks so flattering on a dancer - so why not, with a little more shaping, use it for a bridal gown? The silver lace embellishment also reflects the positioning of decoration on a typical ballet tutu.

One client took ballet inspiration literally with her corset and cut-away tulle over a mini skirt, ornamented with appliqéd swan feathers. An Odette tutu becomes a thoroughly funky wedding outfit!