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Bespoke, Hand-Crafted Ballet Tutus;
Tutu-Making Classes; Miniature-Scaled Ballet Costumed Mannequins; Tutu Hire
genee ballet competition tutu in ivory with silver embellishment made to measure to order  white-tutu-yellow-blue-cinderella-courtier  brocade tutu made to measure to order

Made-to-measure Performance Quality Ballet Tutus by a Royal Ballet Tutu-Maker
Designed to your Prescribed Budget.

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Professional Stage Tutus and Individually Designed Competition Tutus from £700 - £900
Ready-Made Tutus from £600; Ex Samples from £350; Tutu Hire by arrangement

Rossetti designs can be varied in colour and details, or you may have a totally unique
and original tutu designed for you.
Royal Ballet designs cannot be duplicated for private use. A few Ready-to-Wear ballet tutus
are usually available for immediate sale.

Making a Firebird tutu Professional
Tutu-Making Classes
Individual Instruction

sugar-plum-fairy-royal-ballet Royal Ballet (Portfolio)
"Sugar Plum Fairy" 2016
Made-to-Measure Tutu

 Aurora Sleeping Beauty
Royal Ballet (Portfolio)
"Sleeping Beauty" 2014
Made-to-Measure Tutu

 Aurora Sleeping Beauty
Online PDFs of Recent Commissions

rossetti tutu patterns
Rossetti Downloadable
and Hard-Copy
Tutu Patterns

sparkling glitter tutu embellishment
"Le Corsaire"
International Competition Tutu

Rose Adagio
Royal Ballet (Portfolio)
"Sleeping Beauty" 2014
Made-to-Measure Tutu

embellished fairy tutu green gold lilac flowers
Professional Competition Tutu
"Spring Fairy" 2017
Embellished Green Tutu

scallop point and dag construction tools templates stencils
Construction Tools
Templates and Stencils
For Professional Tutu-Making

Cinderella Act 3
Royal Ballet (Portfolio)
"Cinderella" 2010
Made-to-Measure Tutu

Sugar Plum Fairy
Ballet West (Portfolio)
"Sugar Plum Fairy" 2015
Made-to-Measure Tutu

half scale embellished tutu
Velvet Flower
Embellished Tutu 2016

Royal Ballet (Portfolio)
"Swan Lake" 2011
Made-to-Measure Tutu

miniature red and gold classical ballet tutu
Miniature Quarter Scale
Classical Tutu

"Spring" 2013
Studio Sample
Performance Tutu


Professional Quality
Classical Tutu Hire
Competition Tutu

Genee International competition tutu
Genée International
New Zealand 2012
Made-to-Measure Tutu

"Filigree Fairy"
Parndon Mill Exhibition
Quarter Scale Ballet Costume


Classical Tutu

Firebird tutu "Lilac Fairy"
Youth America
Grand Prix 2015

Firebird tutu
Canada Project
"Firebird" 2012
Made-to-Measure Tutu

Cinderella ball tutu silver decoration
Royal Ballet (Portfolio)
"Cinderella" 2010
Made-to-Measure Tutu

crystal fountain fairy
"Fairy of The
"Crystal Fountain" 2012
Made-to-Measure Tutu


Studio Sample
Performance Tutu
"Peach-Pink" For Sale

Kitri tutu
Kitri Tutu
Rossetti Professional Sample
For Sale


Royal Ballet (Portfolio)
"Symphony in C" 2013
Made-to-Measure Tutu

Cinderella courtier
Royal Ballet (Portfolio)
"Cinderella" 2010
Made-to-Measure Costume

pink tutu embellished silver glitter
001 Pink-silver Tutu

Royal blue classical tutu embellished in gold
003 Royal Blue
Professional Tutu


Genée International
Ballet Competition
2013. Made-to- Measure

Aurora Sleeping Beauty vision tutu
Royal Ballet (Portfolio)
"Sleeping Beauty" 2011
Aurora (Act II)

Peach and pink tutu with gold applique decoration
043 Peach/ Pink
Child's Ballet
Performance Tutu

Wine, plum coloured tutu embellished in glittering silver
006 Silver Embellished
Deep Plum Performance Tutu

White Swan Tutu
002 White Swan
"Odette" Tutu
'Midsomer Murders'

Aurora Rose Adagio tutu
Royal Ballet (Portfolio)
"Sleeping Beauty" 2011
Aurora (Act I)

Aurora white, silver and gold wedding tutu
Royal Ballet (Portfolio)
"Sleeping Beauty" 2011
"Aurora" (Act III)

pale blue ballet tutu decorated with silver sparkling lace
FOR SALE-Ready-to-Wear
005 Blue/SilverTutu
Unworn; Perfect Condition

Sylvia Dryad
Royal Ballet
"Sylvia" 2010

Kitri tutu
Canada project
"Don Quixote" Tutu 2012

Black Swan, Odile tutu
004 Black Swan
"Odile" Tutu
'Midsomer Murders'

black and red tutu decorated in glittering red scrolling embellishment
008 Black/Red
Performance Tutu - SOLD

blue irridescent bluebird tutu
Bluebird Tutu
Youth America Grand Prix

Sparkling red black and gold competition tutu
010 Red/Black
Professional Classical Tutu


060 Pink brocade/silver lace
Ballet Tutu 2012

turquoise competition tutu appliqued with gold decoration
013 Turquoise/Gold
Competition Tutu


"Tinkerbell" Fairy
Ballet Costume

 Aurora Sleeping Beauty
Ballet West
"Romeo and Juliet" 2015
Balcony Gown

gold brocade and lace competition tutu
014 Golden Petal
Competition Tutu

pale blue and silver lace and satin, elaborately decorated tutu
015 "Crystal Fountain Fairy"


0596 Client-Designed Tutu

This professional quality Spanish style tutu in red and black with gold lace and trimmings is ideal for performances of the popular Kitri solo from Don Quixote
017 "Don Quixote"
Kitri Tutu
Studio Sample

Lilac Fairy Tutu - in lilac, pale green and iridescent organzas, edged in gold. The 'bell-shaped' or 'Euro' tutu is an attractive alternative to the classic pancake-shaped tutu. This style replicates a plate tutu during pirouettes and jumps, but adopts a softer shape while still. It has the advantage of being easier to ship in the UK due to the lack of a hoop.
018 "Sleeping Beauty"
Lilac Fairy Tutu
FOR SALE-As shown

A made-to-measure classical ballet tutu designed as a competition costume. The twelve layered skirt is supported by a hoop to give a flattering 'pancake' effect and to withstand extremes of choreography. It is overlaid with pleated lace. Shown in emerald green, the silk bodice is elaborately decorated with suitably eye-catching gold detailing, highlighted with sequins and light-reflecting stones. 
As with all Rossetti tutus, this costume can be made to your specifications; fabric, decoration and colour can be varied (please enquire).
019 Emerald Tutu
Festival Tutu

grey crepe and silver huntswoman costume
Royal Ballet
"Sylvia" 2010

pale blue and plum decorated in gold. This costume was designed to be suitable for the role of Raymonda, the Hungarian princess. The skirt is elaborately appliquéd in gold on a pale blue background, providing a rich contrast with the deep plum velvet bodice also decorated in gold to reflect her regal status. (This tutu is equally suited to the role of Paquita.)
009 "Raymonda" Tutu

Kitri tutu
Festival Tutu
Client Order


022 "Mary Poppins"


023 "Mary Poppins"

white tutu with iridescent lilac, blue, green, butterfly wings and bodice.
011 "Butterfly"
Classical Tutu

Swanilda's Act I peasant costume in green, white and pink, consists of a silk dupion bodice with a decorated brocade stomacher with false lacing.  Tassets at the waist and seam lines are piped in a contrasting colour.  The multi-layered tulle skirt is edged in lace. 
The costume was made to the highest couture / theatrical standards in order to withstand the rigours of many performances.
025 "Coppélia"


027 "Aurora"- Silver Lace over
Pink Tutu

These magical fairy costumes were designed for the ballet of the Shakespeare play, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Titania's  dress of pale green with iridescent layerd skirts was hired out several times over a period of years to various dancing schools for non-specific fairy characters. It proved to be an extremely useful costume. Finally it had it's chance to be the actual Queen of the Fairies for Watlington School of Dancing's performance of 'The Dream' in 2007.
028 "The Dream"
Titania, Oberon
& Fairies

This made-to-measure classical ballet tutu was designed for a production of 'Sleeping Beauty'. The twelve layered skirt is supported by a hoop to give a flattering 'pancake' effect and to withstand extremes of choreography. It is constructed in the heaviest weight of tutu net (only available in black and white). This is a specialist tutu net, as used by The Royal Ballet and other major companies. The white silk bodice shown is elaborately decorated mainly in silver and pink.
024 "Sleeping Beauty"
Aurora Tutu
(including tutu construction).


"La Fille Mal Gardée"
Lise (2012)


"Snow Queen"
Client Design (2012)


"Arctic" Tutu (2012)
Classical Tutu


Royal Ballet
Odile tutu skirt (2012)
A stunning costume of vividly contrasting colours highlighted in gold. The bodice of red silk and black velvet is cut to professional dance costume standards to allow for complete freedom of movement. The skirt of tiered layers of black lace is edged in gold with red ribbon highlights and has adequate volumes of fabric to accomodate the most expansive choreography. This costume is equally suitable for Flamenco, character dance or attending a Masked Ball in typically Spanish style.
029 Spanish Flamenco

Odile Tutu from 'Swan Lake' 
This Black Swan costume was designed for a collaboration between Ballet Rambert and Wimbledon School of Art.
Twelve layer 'plate' style classical tutu decorated with silver braid applique and beadwork on bodice and skirt.  Draped crystal and bead decoration from shoulder.
030 "Swan Lake"
Odile Tutu

Inspired by the ballroom scene from the ballet 'Romeo and Juliet', this romantic and lyrical costume is embellished with renaissance style decoration. The bodice and slashed sleeves of crushed blue velvet are highlighted with pink, lilac and silver together with a toning silk changeant chiffon skirt in blue / pink.
031 "Juliet"
Ballroom costume


032 "Ice Princess"

Although designed as the Sugar Plum Fairy's tutu from 'The Nutcracker', a costume along these lines would be equaly suitable for Aurora's 'Rose Adage'. It has an elaborately decorated gold lace and brocade bodice with pink and white skirt and dotted tulle topskirt. The separate puffed sleeves are edged in gold lace. (Not necessary as part of the order). Filigree effect headdress with metallic gold roses and applied diamanté for added sparkle.
034 "Nutcracker"
Sugar Plum Fairy Tutus

The 'Aurora's Friends' tutus were designed for Harlow Ballet Association's 2006 production of 'The Sleeping Beauty'.
The silk dupion bodices were in four toning shades of green, highlighted with gold braid and light reflecting sequin beadwork. As requested, the skirts were softer than a classic 'pancake' shape, although still hooped. The four costumes were shared between eight dancers.
035 "Sleeping Beauty"
Aurora's Friends

The most basic tutu consists of a 12 panel bodice with a skirt of 12 net layers. When made to order the skirt length can be cut according to the dancers height. The tutu skirt can be quite softly tacked as shown or can be a more rigid 'pancake' shape.
This kind of classical ballet tutu (hooped) will cost between £600 - 750. Price is determined by the amount of decoration
036 Basic Classical


Royal Ballet - "Jewels"

037 "Lise" costume

One of the six Fairies invited to the christening of Princess Aurora, the Fairy of Grace's tutu was constructed for Harlow Ballet Association's 2006 production of 'The Sleeping Beauty'. The orange/pink shot silk dupion bodice was highlighted with gold lace and light reflecting sequin beadwork. Matching orange/pink organza formed the front panels of the bodice and the ruched topskirt plate over the two-toned tutu skirt.
038 "Sleeping Beauty"
Fairy of Grace

This dramatic 'Don Quixote'ballet tutu was commissioned by Cheshire Youth Ballet for a series of performances at the Lyceum Theatre, Crewe. The red silk bodice and matching net skirts were set off by the vibrantly contrasting black lace decoration. A matching headdress was constructed with a spanish comb effect
and red silk roses.
039 "Don Quixote"

gold lace, brocade with ivory
040 Gold "Aurora"


041 "The Dream"
Peaseblossom Fairy


042 "The Dream"
Mustardseed Fairy

Black embellished red tutu
091012 Red Tutu
Decorated with black

A made-to-measure classical ballet tutu designed for Manx Ballet Company's production of 'Cinderella'. The twelve layered skirt is supported by a hoop to give a flattering 'plate' effect and to withstand extremes of choreography. The gold brocade bodice is elaborately decorated with suitably eye-catching gold detailing, highlighted with sequins and light-reflecting stones. Headdress and sleeve frills were designed to match.
044 "Cinderella"
White/Gold Tutu

ivory classical tutu
045 Ivory/Gold brocade


046 Red/Gold
pink competition tutu decorated with silver
047 Pink/Silver
Tutu (Client)

pale blue and silver tutu decorated with silver
048 "Moonlight"

wine or burgundy with gold
050 Burgundy/Gold

This tutu is inspired by one of the most famous pas de deux danced by Princess Florine and her Bluebird.  Its blue/green taffeta bodice with silver lace has dramatic appliqué wing decoration, highlighted with light reflecting beadwork.
020 "Sleeping Beauty"
Bluebird Tutu

white tutu
051 White Crystal


053 Lilac

butterfly winged tutu-style costume
057 "Butterfly Princess"

Aurora's tutu was designed for Harlow Ballet Association's 2006 production of 'The Sleeping Beauty'.
The pink silk dupion bodice is highlighted with piped seams, gold lace and light reflecting beadwork. Edged in gold lace, the twelve layered skirt is supported by a hoop to give a flattering 'pancake' effect and to withstand extremes of choreography. As with all Rossetti tutus, this costume was made to measure.
012 "Sleeping Beauty"
Aurora Tutu

silver and blue tutu
056 Sparkling Blue

This dance costume for a 'masked ball' was inspired by the commedia dell'arte character 'Columbina', sweetheart of Harlequin.  It is reminiscent of costumes from the ballets 'Carnaval', 'Harlequinade' and the clockwork dolls from 'The Nutcracker'. Just as Harlequin's, this costume has a vividly coloured bodice and skirt which effect a blaze of colour during fast movement.  The Renaissance styled sleeves hark back to her 16th century origins in Italian comedy.
026 Columbina


052 Turquoise
Raymonda tutu
Genée International
Ballet Competition
2015 (Raymonda)

055 Basic Tutu
(scroll down)

Swan feather appliqué decoration on an 'Odette' tutu for London Festival Ballet; Gold lace decoration and beading on a 'Sugar-Plum Fairy' tutu for London Festival Ballet; elaborate appliqué work for the topskirt of a 'Sugar-Plum Fairy' tutu for Houston Ballet.
Past Ballet Work

u. Highest quality couture standard tutus from a costumier who has worked with The Royal Ballet; London Festival Ballet; English National Ballet; Scottish Ballet; Houston Ballet; Moscow Classical Ballet and various student performers including Ballet Rambert.
054 Tutu Pricing and ordering


0595 Tiny Pink Tutu

Small Child's Blue Silver Ballet Tutu
007 Small Child's
Ballet Tutu

Juliet Ballgown
Ballet West
"Romeo and Juliet" 2015
Juliet's Ballgown

lilac and lime with gold
"Golden Lime"
Ballet Tutu

embellished flamenco corseted bodice
(Canada) 2013

Spring Season Fairy
Royal Ballet
Spring Fairy
"Cinderella" 2010

Swanilda's costumes were designed for Watlington School of Dancing's 25th anniversary production of the ballet 'Coppélia'. 
The mechanical doll tutu consists of a blue/green metallic organza bodice with intricate appliquéd decoration and an upper bodice of ruched silk tulle.  The top layer of the tutu skirt is of a contrasting shot organza over a plain white tutu.
033 "Coppélia" Tutu


Title photos,by kind permission of -
John Ross,
Bentley Productions
Ryan Davies of Monocolour Photography Ltd
Moodboard Photography at

Photos of Tala Lee-Turton in the Le Corsaire tutu (below) can be seen at:
NB. Additional photographers are credited on individual pages, above.

  Additional Tutu Information **Please note, Rossetti is planning to offer mainly ready-made tutus in future, in one-off, unique designs. The measurements of these costumes will be stated with the photos, and a dancer will be able to visit to try on any costume close to her shape. Theresa appreciates this favours dancers with "ideal" vocational ballet bodies, and will still do made-to-measure orders as an occasional exception, but for an additional fee.
Young dancers cannot be expected to be designers, and, it is hoped, will enjoy choosing from well-thought out, ready-made, professional quality costumes.**

The tutus shown within these pages will rarely be reproduced exactly in every last detail. Net colours in particular and some lace trims vary in availability, and it can depend on the timing of your order as to whether they are in stock, or can be ordered in at the point you need the costume. The more notice you can give, the more potential there is to provide you with exactly what you want.
**It is not recommended to duplicate anything shown exactly, to avoid the risk of meeting a fellow competitor in the identical tutu!**
All handmade tutus shown can be varied in colour and details. Decorative beading and appliqué work is a speciality. Tutus can be in stretch or non-stretch fabrics, depending on taste. Your own designs or Rossetti's can be realised and made-to-measure to your individual requirements.

Classical tutus can be ordered with decorated or plain bodices, an internal basque (the fitted part that goes from waist to upper hip), and decorated or plain topskirts. Endless colour combinations are possible - the more notice we have of your requirements the more realistic this is. A short notice tutu order might have to depend on colours currently in stock.
Headdresses and jewellery can be created to suit the tutu of your choice.
Orders can be for solo performances or multiples (and variations) of one design for duets, trios and corps work.
Each tutu shown within the website was either a bespoke order by an individual, a commission by a ballet company, or is held here as a sample costume to try on during fittings/consultations.

There are times of the year, when Theresa is inundated with requests for costumes all at once - for events such as the All England Dance Competition. Inevitably we have to disappoint some requests for tutus: a strict policy of "first come first served" (including signed contract and 50% deposit paid) has to apply. Please let Rossetti know as soon as you win your heat if you are likely to want a tutu - even if it is several months until the actual competition.

    Royal blue competition tutu with gold applique decoration

Professional quality classical ballet tutus and dance costume
Performance quality classical ballet tutus
Competition and Festival Ballet Tutus